How To Get STARTED On LinkedIn In 2020 - (Step-By-Step For BEGINNERS)

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How To Get STARTED On LinkedIn In 2020 - (Step-By-Step For BEGINNERS) ❤ FREE LinkedIn Mini Course: Are you wondering how to get started on LinkedIn so you can create a profile that stands out from your competition? Maybe you’re wondering what information you need to include in your profile and what information just isn’t relevant. If you’re not confident when it comes to selling yourself on LinkedIn, tune in, because in this video, you'll learn EXACTLY what you need to do to get started on LinkedIn and how you can showcase your real potential to land higher-quality career opportunities. This step-by-step LinkedIn tutorial assumes you already have a LinkedIn account created. If you haven’t yet created a LinkedIn account, you’ll need to go to to set up your account. The 7 steps to get started on LinkedIn in 2020: Step 1: Start with the basics (2:30) Step 2: The About section (4:51) Step 3: The Experience section (8:23) Step 4: The Education section (10:16) Step 5: Skills & Endorsements (11:35) Step 6: Recommendations (13:08) BONUS Step: Privacy and Security Settings (14:21) LOVE THIS VIDEO and CHANNEL? HERE'S YOUR NEXT STEPS! 1) SUBSCRIBE to my channel! 2) SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND: 3) ENROLL IN A FREE LINKEDIN MINI COURSE: 4) JOIN A FREE COMMUNITY of professionals in #thecareerclub: 5) APPLY TO WORK WITH ME ONE-ON-ONE in The Career Accelerator: 6) LET’S CONNECT!

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